Thursday, September 26, 2013

Insurgent - Veronica Roth

Hi guy's!!

It's Alison here posting a new blog post after a break of, almost, 8 months!! holly shit wow !!

I have decided that every time I will feel the need to post in my blog – I will do so.

 Instead of trying to force myself to come back to my blog every week.

So here I am because I just finished another book that I felt the need to talk about.

Now, I know that according to the last blog post, this new one should be a book haul, but since I purchased a lot of book ever since the last post, it will be a mess trying to continuing the haul. There for, I will continue it in the future.



1. NAME: Insurgent.

2. AUTHOR: Veronica Roth.

3. SHORT SUMMERY: Tris has survived a brutal attack on her former home and family. But she has paid a terrible price. Wracked by grief and guilt, she becomes ever more reckless as she struggles to accept her new future.

Yet if Tris wants to uncover the truth about her world, she must be stronger than ever….because more shocking choices and sacrifices lie ahead.

4. ADVANTAGES: The big thing, for me any way, is that I absolutely LOVE Tris and Four! Even though there relationship is not perfect at all, I still feel for both of them. Every time something happen between them, the author describes it in a way that you just immediately on there side.

Another thing is that this book is a complete thriller. The action never ends. Even when you feel like they finally won, there not really done – and that of course is the big ending of the book.

5. DISADVANTAGES: so the big failure for me in this book is that it is too messy, full of side's stories, new details and just way too many thing to follow through the reading.

I just felt like the author add so much ideas as to what to write, that she just wanted to push everything inside the book, and made it absolutely impossible to keep track.
6. MY PERSONAL THOUGHTS: over all this book is fine and nothing more than that. I like the first book so much more, I gave it 5 stars. But the second one just felt amateur.

Although, right on the beginning I wanted to quit the reading, it was one of those books that you have to have on your resume. Just like in harry potter. Although the reviews on the 6th movie were terrible, you have to go watch it. If you catch my drift . Any way I will defiantly look after the next book in the series.

The title and the cover totally fit the book and the inside story.


The end J

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Books Haul - Part 1

Hi guys !!
I think that the last time I posted a post in my blog was, like, a month ago…
Nothing really changed in my life..i just got lazy I guess J
Anyway today is a collective haul of books I have bought over the last few months.
There are something like 13 books, so I'm devoting it in to two part.
Book houl – part 1
1. the circle – sara B. elfgren & Mats Strandberg .
There is not any particular reason why I chose this book. I thought it looked amazing with the description and is a pretty Huge book. 500 pages . And, I have to admit it is look awesome.
 2.Eclipse & Breaking down – Stephanie meyer .
O.K so I had forever just the two first books. Before the last movie came out, I figured I should probably get the entire series. Plus I have heard the the ending of the last movie is completely different from the book's one. I wanted to be able to understand and compare the two. Although I did not liked the books that much (I only read the first two) and the movies even less. At the end I did not went seeing the last movie and ended up not reading tיק א'ם ךשדא eading thding this tnot reading this t., he two last book. so…that was a stupide perches .

3.The name of this book is a secret – Pseudonymous Bosch .
This is the first book in the "The secret series". I first noticed this series  when I was In Poland. I really like the way they looked and the all story behind them, so I parched the 3 middle books: book number 2 – " if your reading this it is too late" . book number 3 – " this book is not good for you". Book number 4 – "this is not what it looks like".
So the next time I was I Poland they finally had the first book "The name of this book is a secret". I was so happy because I have being on the hunt forever now.
The only thing that missing is the last, fifth book, that I am searching for right now.

The land of stories – The wishing spell – Chris Colfer –
The thing about this book is that I fall in love with it without even knowing who is the author. It's just looked so magical to me – I just had to have it. I totally love fairy tales and all that magical childhood stories that I know so well. But the best part was when I got home and searched on the web a little bit and found out that the author is no other  then the amazing glee star, also known as Kurt Hummel.
I have a complete faith in his talented personality that I cannot  wait to read his book.

5. Insurgent – Veronica Roth.
I bought this simply because I have finished the first book "Divergent", and loved it! Divergent is going to be my next book review. I enjoined this book so much and I gratefully give it 5 stars. So because I wanted so bed to know what's next with the characters I bought this one.

6. Matched – Ally Condle.
O.K so the reason I picked this one up was because there were a sale in the store. I went to the store, knowing that I'm picking up "Insurgent".  then I found out  there was a sale – you buy a book and get the second one for 60% off. I saw "Matched" on the shelf and took it home with me. I did however, knew this name, and saw it in a few haul  videos and reviews . so I'm O.K. with it.

So that is the end of this part 1 of my haul.
I hope you enjoined this part and stay tuned for part 2 of the haul.
plus - i recommend checking out for all of this book !
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Monday, December 24, 2012

50 Shades of grey - E L James

So by the title of this page you already know which book I'm going to review today.
It's probably the most famous erotic book in the all worlds.
But before I'm getting into the review I wanted to give you guy's a little updates …
If some of you were wondering where I was gone for about 2-3 weeks now – here's my updates.
The first week was super busy with tones of tasks. True, I'm not in school anymore but I still have to do so many…so…yah
The next week I was in a vacation in Poland for an all week. So I guess that excuse is pretty self – explanatory.
Now I'm doing this review, hopping that from now on I will manage keeping up with one post per week at least.
Now... Let's get started:
1. Name – Fifty shades of grey.
2. Author – E L James.
3. Short summery – O.K so Anna is a college student. Christian is a rich, good looking, and complicated guy. When they meet each other by mistake they fall for each other. But the relationship is complicated and they both have to adapt to the changes. The relationship they both thought they going to get is different from what they expected.
4. Advantages – to be quite honest, the book does not have a very bright side to it. But if I have to choose I will go with this: when the book just started I was interested in the relationship between them. Before the sex began. It's was a sweet falling in love for both of them. It was relatable, it was fun, and it gave you this feeling of butterfly in your belly.
5. Disadvantages – HaHa the all book ! but to the point- too much sex part in the bookניo much sex part in the book hose parts. them.i ight side to it.hat they expected.! and I know that this is what the author pointed to . so maybe that just not the kind of books for me…but still, way too much sex part for my idea.
It's terrible. At some point your just skipping those's get over it self. Also after a while you are completely losing the plot. You have no idea what's going on.
I completely forgot the end of the book, 3 days after I finished reading it. It never happened to me before. I was shocked. But I guess that this fact Is a proof to how much I did not enjoyed this book at all.
6.My personal thoughts – I did not enjoyed the book at all for so many reasons.
At first – the sex thing which I have already talked about in point number 5.
Now the characters . Anna was completely unrelateble for me. Too much self-talking with her goddess and stuff . It was too boring and pathetic. I didn't understand her thought many of the times. And also she was, from my point of view, very weak person.
Christian - I can totally understand that the Christian character is coming from Edward character. From twilight .as the author said, she were building the plot with an inspiration from the twilight book. Which was very apparent in Christian's characters . Very dark person . He love's Anna but his afraid that she would not approve of his complicated character.
I think that if the author were giving up on a little bit sex part, the book would have been more readable for me.
The author took a very nice plot, of a related story. With two people that are in love, but still have to find there ways to each other. And made the book in to something that you find hard to get through . it took me over a month to finish the book . and that is a lot.
7.Cover and Title – probably the most excellent thing with this book is the title and the cover. This is a very dark picture of a tie, which represent the dominant men's part in the book. You can understand, after you read the book, why the tie is the chosen cover.
And the title is excellent as well. It implies to a very complicated person, which it is what you find in the book. A very mystery guy with a lot of layers and complicated sides to .
8.Stars – I give the book 1.5 stars   .
In the parts that I did manage to keep a track after the plot, and I did understand what was going on – I did enjoyed the drama.
The end !
So that was my review. I hope you guy's liked it and found it helpful for future purchases.
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Love ,
Xoxo ,
Alison .

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hi guy's!!
How awesome is it to be back? So awesome !
HaHaHa I know it's sounds like I'm 12 HaHa.
Anyway, today I'm doing an all new book review about – the vampire diaries.
And yes – about a book! Not the T.V series, which is pretty good by itself.
I don’t know if you ever heard that there is a book, but I also found it by mistake.
There are a few different version of book to the name "The vampire diaries". Some of them are the actual diaries of the main characters. Some are the series I'm reviewing today, and some are the tale of the T.V series. Word to word.
Note: if I got the all idea of the book wrong, which may happen (LOL), please correct me in the comment section.
Anyway, the book that I found in the book store is a pretty big book that actually contains the two first books:
1. The awakening.
2. The struggle.
And it's written by L.J.Smith
Now let's start the review:
Since I already wrote the name and the author, I'll just jump to question number 3.
3. Short summary:
Elena is the beautiful girl in Mystic fall, which went through a tough family disaster. Meanwhile Stefan and Damon come back to their old home city. Elena became the most attractive thing in the brothers' mind. She looks like a woman who used to play with them both. And when the brothers and Elena become aware of each other stuff starts to happen.
4. Advantage: the most attractive thing for me, in the book, will have to be the fact that the plot is completely different from the T.V series plot.
Which make it, obviously much more interesting! I don't have to "review" the series, in the book, in a slow motion. If you see what I mean. It's like reading an all new book with, just, the same title. For me, it's definitely a plus!
For example - It was really hard for me to read the first twilight book, because it was the same as the movie. And yes I saw the movie before the book. So it may have been the all problem but still.
5. Disadvantage: I did read the book a while ago so I don't remember it to small details, but I still don't think there was something that bad in it. I do have a tiny little problem with Stefan and Elena relationship. Sometimes I thought that it was too slow. Like, dude she like you, don't play it so miserable and so protective. It kind of reminded me of the twilight story and I hate that feeling. I didn't "felt" Edward character at all, so I was afraid the same thing will happen with Stefan. But it did not.
I like Stefan and Elena relationship much better then Edward and Bella's one. And I know I may have just started a world war 3 .I'm sorry, that's just my thoughts.
6. My personal thought: I really thought that the other questions will be short and very concise, and the long and detailed opinions will be put in this question's answer.
But as you can see my thought are all over the post already (and I know, I said the exactly same sentence last post, sorry!) and you probably have a tiny hint already about how I feel with this book.
I will say that I really like the fact that the book contains two smaller books. I'm not so sure that I would have read the second book so fast unless I would have bought them together.
I also enjoyed the fact that the book was completely different then the series!
And the last thing – I enjoyed a lot from Elena and the brothers relationship and I really could not decide which one of them I would like her to choose …. The author made a good job, making it hard for the readers to decide.
7. Stars –
I give the book 4 points for being very entertaining and interesting.
So that's it. I have finish.
I really do hope you found it helpful and nice to read. I try to do my best to keep you guy's, viewers of my blog.
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Till my next post..
Xo, Alison .  

Monday, November 26, 2012

John Verdon - Think of a number

Hi guy's!!!
Today I'm finally doing an actual book review!! How exciting J
The book I will talk about today is not a very familiar one, as much as I noticed till today.
But.. I'm ready to be shocked and find out I was completely wrong!
I do not care, and if just only one of you will find himself reading the book because of me it will make me the happiest person on earth.
If one of you people, read the book – feel free to leave a comment in the comment section down below and let me know!
Also leave a comment with your thoughts about the all post. I look forward to read it!
So let's start!

1. Name – think of a number.
2. Author – John Verdon.
3. Short summery – The book revolves around tree murders and a killer.
Dave gurney is the detective who tries to trace down a genius killer.
And that is a very short summery!
4. Advantage – The author make's the readers participate in the all process of finding out who is the killer. As well as why or what made the killer, kill the victims.
This point is extremely important because if you don't "feel" the characters and the story itself, then there is no point in reading it at all.
There for, feel connected to anything at all in the plot, will make the reading much more interesting and will tempt you to keep on reading !
5. Disadvantage- The book can feel, in some points, points of more plane scenes, a little heavy, maybe slow reading kind of a read. After all it is a huge book with 442 pages.
I personally rather have this, then a very intense plot. But it's definitely an individual issue.
I will make sure that you guy's understand – there are intense part in the plot!
6. My personal thoughts – well, I think my opinion is all over this post already and I think that the idea of answering to questions make it, for me, more easy to share the info.
I had a great time reading the book. The mix of intense and "cool" part in the plot made it a very comfortable reading.
You should keep in mind that the begining of the book is a slow reading tipe of a read. it's take a littel bit of chapters to get to know the main characters, there past and the ties between them until the real mystery start on .
I do think that there was a place, for the author, to try making the book a bit shorter. the plot is very long and there were parts that I thought  was unnecessary .
But I think that the main idea of the book is genius! The author was very creative to come up with this kind of a "mess" and ties.
I absolutely enjoyed find out more and more throughout the plot and "feel" the characters.
7. Cover and title – So for the cover- the cover that I own is pretty dark and bloody but I love it! It sends the message. It has all the numbers (1-9) covered with blood. So yah …
I could not take a pic (only this time, i promise).i did found a pic but not with the cover that i have so that will have do to for this time ...
About the title – the title is exactly what the story is. So no complaints.
I do know that there are a few version to the book cover, so definitely go ahead and comment me, telling me which cover you own.
8. Stars –
I give the book 4.5 stars. It was an amazing book !

So that was the first real book review blog.
I do want to get better so feel completely free to leave a comment in the comment section down below with –
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Alison J   

Friday, November 23, 2012

New twitter just for you guy's !

Hello !!
I don’t know about you, but I used to write "Heloo" instead of "Hello" .
Like double "O"  instead of double "L" .
Anyway …. Today I have a nice news .
I have a new Twitter just for you, the readers of my blog.
It's called, obviously, bookreview94 .
You can follow me there, and read about my life and updates about the blog !
So follow me for news , updates , info' about my life and so on..
you can also, obviously, again, write me back, ask questions and requests as you like.
I look forward to see you there !!
Alison J

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Get to know the blog .

Hi guys.
My name is Alison, I'm 18 years old and I'm doing a BOOKS REVIEW blog.
The English language is not my homeland language.
So I have to say to you guys: do not judge the blog only by the way I write please J
It is extremely important to me to do this in English , only to make it accessible to absolutely everyone !
Therefore, please (!) write me in the comments section, down below, and correct my mistakes.
I will not tell you my country, my language, or my real name
I want this blog to be judged only by the way I write.
So … let's move on.
The topic of books is kind of a passion of mine, and ever since I can remember myself, I absolutely love to criticize and write reviews to all of the books I read.
I seriously hope this blog will work out as I want it to work.
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Think of a number – John verdon.
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